Experience the Power of a Peer Group


“… [John] has shown an ability to maintain a group focus even when the feelings were running strong and the topics were personal and heavily emotional. He has a knack for distilling the main points…” 

– Greg Moore, President, Moore General Contracting, Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“ John is able to keep the entire group focused by making the material applicable to the individual needs…” 

– Ben Yanker CR WLS CMR, President, Buffalo Restoration Inc., Bozeman, Montana

“ We are a very diverse group and John is perceptive in his approach and assessment of our needs as small business owners. … John was easy to communicate with and he excelled in keeping the group “on track”.”

– Andrew and Valerie Simms, Owners, Simms Custom Construction, Inc., Sonoma, California

Whether facilitating a management team meeting within a single company, or a discussion group of multiple companies, John is a gifted business intuitive and is highly skilled in meeting facilitation. For many years, John has worked with groups of clients in a peer review setting and during that time, he has capably navigated groups through some very difficult issues. John builds a strong, trusting relationship with the participants and is not afraid to explore any aspect of a business issue to get to the root cause.

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Build your Business from a New Perspective


“ I have been in business for 20 years in the construction industry and have conferred with several consultants in that time. John Kowalski stands out among these people as being intuitive, insightful and of immense value to my company.” 

– Roy D. Peterson, CEO, Flagship Services Group, Inc., Arlington, Texas

“ Your gentle nature and years of experience combined with your intuitive perspective on things has assisted in allowing our company to grow over 40% last year.”

– Jon M. Vogel, President, New Outlooks Construction Group, Inc., Robbinsville, New Jersey

Consulting is about content and information, and John’s consulting practice is grounded in solid business acumen. Having owned and managed a restoration company for 17 years, John provides practical business solutions.

John developed a Business System Assessment© that identifies the key components of a business system and allows clients to compare their systems against the benchmarks established by the Business System Assessment© tool. John has also developed numerous Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to help clients manage their business, such as monitoring key performance indicators and mapping business processes.

Clients are strongly advised to follow up any consulting engagement with periodic coaching.   

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Your Business is Waiting for You to Change!


“ With great interpersonal skill and sensitivity, John can draw you out on an issue, challenging you to a higher level of self-awareness.”

– Skeeter Coleman, President, Coleman Construction, Inc., Franklin, Tennessee

“… [John] enabled me to grow as a person, to be able to step outside of my daily operations and see things from a different point of view.”

– Jon M. Vogel, President, New Outlooks Construction Group, Inc., Robbinsville, New Jersey

“ [John’s] gentle, but firm guidance, gave me the confidence to make some difficult, but necessary, changes.”

– Kevin Serr CR, President & CEO, Sea Crown Construction, Inc., Mountain View, California

Coaching is about connection and transformation. The transformational coaching services include clarifying goals, time management, behavior modification, and processing topics of concern. The results a company experiences mirror and amplify the beliefs and behaviors of senior management; therefore, to change the experience of the company, senior management must accept responsibility and transform their own beliefs and behaviors. The transformational coaching process of one-on-one dialogue is designed to empower executives and managers to reach their fullest potential.

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Stand Up for What You Believe


“… I have had the opportunity to hear you speak at National Conference(s) (with attendees from all over the world), … I have sat for hours in amazement with other business associates of mine while you not only gave us the answers to tough business questions but more importantly, the tools to come up with the answers ourselves.”

– John P. Martin, Owner, Pacific Reconstruction, Inc., Salinas, California

“… John is an incredible communicator; concise, precise and articulate.”

– David G. Brown CR, President, Disaster Restorations, Albany, Oregon

John Kowalski is a dynamic, motivational speaker whose background in the construction industry formed the basis for his series of lectures and CD that delve into the dynamics of personal change. Using the metaphor of the building industry to convey the need for a solid foundation, reinforced “brick by brick” with values that support problem-solving, initiative, productivity and happiness, his lectures center on how each of us can implement change that is constructive to our lives and those who are important to us.

Some of the more popular topics include the following:

  • The 7 Functions of Management©
  • Using Business Problems to Build a Better Company
  • Mapping Business Processes
  • Implementing Key Business Indicators
  • Writing Simple Business & Marketing Plans
  • Personal Responsibility vs. Victim Consciousness

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